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Here are some comments that our English and Spanish students have made about their experience of language learning with advantage.


The teaching we have received at Advantage has been thorough, encouraging and very much in keeping with starting a new life.  Therefore, learning the Spanish language must be part of it. Clear explanations and understanding of the difficulties in learning has helped us to be more confident in our own abilities.    Jeff and Ann Eslick

If you are struggling with a native Spanish teacher, try these classes, they are fun and really work!  Marie Crawley.

If you want to integrate into Spain, even in just a small way, this is an ideal course for complete beginners. Don and Trish Smith

advantage certainly 'does it' for me!  Learning Spanish is a pleasure in such a relaxed, fun way and whilst it is challenging it is not a chore.  Anne Hutchings.

The college manages to teach Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere - it´s not like going back to school.  They make learning a new language rewarding, not a challenge.  Simon Bradley

I have very much enjoyed the 4 months I have been coming to classes.  I am learning the Spanish I need to live and communicate with my neighbours.  I have gained lots of confidence from Christa to go out and use my new skills.  I recommend advantage to everybody I know who really wants to learn.  Heather Baldinton

Since attending classes at advantage Christa has brought Spanish to life for me, and I am now able to have conversations with my neighbours and read magazines.  Jacqui Greaves.

I have learnt so much at Christa´s classes - a great teacher with a really lovely personality. Susana

The teaching is excellent and far superior to previous language classes I've attended.  The lessons are well balanced and useful.  Judi

Las clases son muy diviertidas. Estudiente nivel elemental

El mejor remedio para el estrés -¡ hablar inglés!  Estudiante nivel elemental

Las clases son divertidas y aunque son casi 2 horas se hacen muy cortas.     Estudiante nivel intermedio.

Aci s'apren dins d´un gran ambient, val la pena.   Gustavo Llorca i Pascual

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