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Course - Computer and Internet skills

Learn how to use computers and the Internet with confidence.

Make the most of your computer and Internet connection.

Course characteristics:

  • Practical course working side by side with the teacher.
  • Personalised according to the needs and level of the student.
  • Using commercial applications or their free equivilants (which are often much better).
  • Classes in the academy or at the students home.

Your computer and the Internet allow you to do the following things:

  • Look for information.
  • Have one or more email accounts for communication purposes.
  • Manage your time with personalised calendars which can send reminders to your mobile phone, etc.
  • Manage your documents, speadsheets, presentations (edit, catalogue, save them on the Internet, share with family and friends).
  • Manage your photos and videos (edit, catalogue, save them on the Internet, share with family and friends).
  • Catalogue your collections (films, songs, etc).
  • Create and mantain webpages.
  • Create and mantain blogs (an Internet newspaper which publishes your articles).
  • Communicate via the Internet by videoconference (you can speak with your friends and family for free).
  • Access companies, public bodies (make doctor's appointments...) and banks online.
  • Plan and pay for holidays, trips and air tickets at the best price online.
  • Buy and sell in auctions and online shops.
  • Watch films and listen to music with the best quality.
  • Find the lyrics to your favourite songs.
  • Listen to the radio and watch television programmes from all over the world on the Internet.
  • Access encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, weather forecasts, health bulletins, cooking receipes, stock market information, etc).
  • Find addresses and telephone numbers, and print out detailed street plans of how to get to places.
  • Access social networks.
  • Before buying anything, investigate its characteristics, peoples' opinions and prices on the Internet.
  • Ask questions and answer people in online forums on just about any topic.
  • And much more...

Learn to do all of this and more with us.

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